Why Dixie?

Why Dixie Rods?

It's simple. Being "born and bred" in the South, I'm quite fond and proud of my "southern heritage." I wanted to reflect that in the name of my custom rod and reel business - hence: "Dixie Rod and Reel" seemed like a perfect fit.

Are You Racist?!

Far from it! I love and respect people of all color and nationalities. Some of my closest friends are people of color. "Dixie" has nothing to do with racism but it is a historical nickname for the Southern United States.

Some may object to my use of the second national flag of the Confederate States of America, better known as the "Confederate Battle Flag" or the "Southern Cross". Having ancestors that fought for the South in the Civil War, I chose to honor them as well as all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  You can get the facts and read the true meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag here.