Batson 6’8″, 12-20# Casting...

Batson 6’8″, 12-20# Casting...


  • Batson 1 piece Eternity2 Bass Casting Blank ETEC68MHCB (6’8″ 12-20WT Fast)
  • ALPS TexTouch graphite trigger casting reel seat Black / Titanium TX16IS125
  • ALPS TexTouch casting graphite reel seat Hood Titanium TX16DNDTC
  • EVA Rubber Cork Split Grips Fore / Rear / Butt Grip
  • Batson Titanium Winding Check
  • Alps LXN Titanium Casting Guides and Tip Top (Lightweight, strong)
  • Titanium Hook Keeper


Batson Eternity2 Bass Casting 6'8" 1pc. 12-20 wt Rod Kit

Components are specifically chosen to fit together, resulting in a premium top quality Rod. Kit includes Rod Blank, Guides, Tip Top, Cork / Grips, Reel Seat, Winding Check and Hook Keepers.

Innovative. Cutting-edge. Impeccable. The ETERNITY² series is all of these and more. This flagship series is the highest quality of blanks that RainShadow has to offer. Exclusively designed, these blanks have the latest materials and modernizations bringing you the absolute pinnacle in rod performance. The ETERNITY² trendsetting rod blanks are ultra-sensitive, incredibly-strong, and have feather lightweight construction, utilizing state-of-the-art RX9 materials along with ultra-advanced processes. To cap it off, we integrate Nano Compound Technology (NCT) to ensure each blank not only operate with surgical precision but also retains incredible power.