MicroWave™ Carp/Surf Caster Guide Set

This new development uses the MicroWave Line Control technology specifically designed to effectively and efficiently cast all high-performance carp and surf casting rods. This complete set of 8 guides includes a 50/30mm ring stripping guide, 16mm transition guide combined with 12mm single foot design running guides allowing maximum castability using all monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided…
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Rod and Reel Repair

Dixie Rod and Reel Repair 2018 Price List If you're looking for a close and convenient rod and reel repair shop, you've come to the right place! We value quality and attention to detail above all else. All of our custom rods are handmade and crafted right here in the USA. We repair most makes…
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Fly Fishing

At this time, Dixie Rods does not repair fly reels. It is our intent to offer this service in the future, but we do not want to offer something we are not fully trained on. Please check back for updates on this.
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